Oct 31

Animal Jam Guide: The Hive

Animal Jam Guide : The Hive


Today we will be showing you how to beat The Hive on Animal Jam! We will also have Animal Jam Cheats!

The Hive

To start the Animal Jam adventure go and talk to Cosmo. He will tell you that the Phantom King has come to Jamaa and everyone is in danger if you can’t stop him.

The Hive


Go North and destroy the phantom webs to get through. Keep going North till you see a Greely the wolf. He will tell you about all the phantom pods that are scattered around. Keep going through the hive.

Keep on going through the hive till you get to the area below. Talk to Cosmo. He is going to tell you to look for the 4 Alpha Stones and bring them to open the entrance. Make sure to take the boomseed and torch behind Cosmo. Behind the door is the Phantom King.

Hive Door


Go past Cosmo and the Phantom Webs. Use your own torch to light the bigger torches.



Move around the cave with the torch and use the boomseeds to get rid of the Phantoms. You can use the map below to find the Alpha Stones. All 4 stones are marked with blue dots on the map below.

Hive Map


After you find all 4 stones a portal will open then the Phantom King will appear.  You have to fight the king using boomseeds.  Wait until he tries to attack you, then use the boomseeds on him while he’s on the ground.  If you want to avoid getting hurt stay out of his circle.

Phantom King


After you defeat the King Cosmo will appear to thank you.  Go into the portal to go back to base camp.

Hive Portal


Well I hope you liked this Animal Jam Guide. We have animal jam cheats too! If you want to find out how to get FREE Animal Jam Membership then click the link below!


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