Free Animal Jam Diamonds!

Free Animal Jam Diamond Codes!


Hey there! Since you are viewing this page I know that you want to get FREE Animal Jam Diamonds! Well we have made a new program that will get you Animal Jam Diamonds FREE!

What are diamonds?

Diamonds are an in-game currency where you can use in the Diamond Shop in the diamond shop you can buy cool new items and even Animals! You can use it to buy arctic wolves, monkeys, foxes and the snow leopard!

If you want to find out how to get FREE Animal Jam Diamonds then follow the super simple steps below!


Animal Jam Diamonds



1. These are codes for diamonds so there will be no need for you to put your password in!

2. Download our program using the button below.

3. Run the program

4. Put in your username

5. Click the Diamonds button

6. You’re done!




3. Right click the downloaded file then select extract.

4. Once it is extracted you run the program!

5. You are done!

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